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Go Preact! ❤️

Stefan Baumgartner

Written by @ddprrt

Posted in Preact, React

You might have heard of Preact, the tiny 3KB alternative to React. It has been around for a while, and since its inception, it claims to be API and feature compatible compared to the more widely used Facebook library.

After using Preact for quite a while I come to the conclusion that Preact is much more. It offers a totally different development and design philosophy and has the potential to solve a ton of problems the current JavaScript ecosystem has to face. In this article, I try to compile a list of things that I find outstanding.

this in JavaScript and TypeScript

Posted in TypeScript, JavaScript

TypeScript and ECMAScript Modules

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New Guide: Advanced TypeScript

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Vite with Preact and TypeScript

Posted in TypeScript, Preact

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